What is hypnosis?

The hypnotic trance is simply an altered state of focused awareness that we all experience at some level every day…it’s the same brainwave you’re in right before you fall asleep.

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  • Who can be hypnotized? Any reasonably intelligent, willing person can be hypnotized.
  • What does it feel like to be hypnotized? It’s very similar to the feeling of being in a deep daydream; floaty, dreamy, and deeply relaxed 
  • Does hypnosis really work? If you have the intention for change, we use the hypnotic state to bring that intention out of your logical conscious mind and plant it deep into your subconscious ~ who is the motivator behind any action ~ resulting in your success!

The truth is that hypnosis is an amazingly powerful modality for attaining clarity, personal growth and making important transformations. 

Hypnotherapy ~ in action.


“I’ve been to other Hypnotists in the area, some charged more and others were dirt cheap… It wasn’t even close to how effective my session at Key Point Hypnosis was.”

B. Wells. New Market, MD.

“I would gladly recommend your services to anyone in need of ending an unwanted habit, because I’m living proof…I cannot thank you enough for your help – I feel GREAT!!!”

D. Covello. Mt. Airy, MD.

I was referred to Key Point Hypnosis by my PCP in September of 2010 to stop smoking…Before I knew it I was a non-smoker after 32 years of being a smoker… thanks, Cathie – you’re a life saver!!

L. Reede. Ijamsville, MD.

“Cathie is a professional lady who deeply cares about others. I am very impressed with her knowledge in field. I highly recommend Cathie.”

L. Dilks. Mt. Airy, MD.

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