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Hypnosis is a trance-like state that can be used to make meaningful changes in a person’s life. Anyone who is willing to have a particular change can be hypnotized. All it needs is a fairly intelligent person with a purpose to change some aspects of their life. Hypnosis is a life-changing service and it is one that you should get from a trusted clinic. The hypnosis clinic that you chose should perform ethical hypnosis for the best results. Those in Virginia Beach can get the services at Key Point Holistic Health.


We are a team that focuses on hypnosis Virginia Beach to deliver a wide range of services. Here are some of the top services that you can get from us.

  • Smoking Cessation – Smoking is a habit that has a lot of hindrances to our health. It is not easy to quit smoking. However, with hypnosis, the need and urge to quit smoking can be put on your subconscious mind for the best results.
  • Mind and Body Weight Management – any mind and body weight goals you have can be achieved by hypnosis. Your willing mind can be made to put in the necessary work.
  • Standard Sessions – we have standard sessions to help deal with a wide range of problems that people face such as anxiety, fear of public speaking, self-drive, and many more.
  • Life Purpose Awareness – finding the purpose of our lives is vital. If you are having a problem with that, our hypnosis services can help guide you to that.
  • Past Life Regression – past life regression is something that can help us a lot. Connecting with our past lives can be helpful and give us the lessons we need in our lives today.

We have different therapy sessions for our various services. We are an affordable team and our main goal is to help you live a holistic life. Come to us for the best services.erapy sessions for our various services. We are an affordable team, and our main goal is to help you live a holistic life. Come to us for the best services.

Does Hypnosis Work?

A question that many people usually have is if hypnosis Virginia Beach works. The answer is yes. Hypnosis needs anyone who is willing to have the change happen in their life can get hypnosis and it will be effective to them. Life can be challenging and some of the advised methods to handle these challenges are at times hard to achieve. Hypnosis gets the will from within you to help you with your daily challenges and give you the improvement you are looking for.

A Team You Can Trust

Hypnosis is something that can go either way. You will need to work with a team that you can trust for the best results. Key Point Holistic Health is the team that you can rely on for ethical work. Our mission is to use skilled, ethical, and efficient hypnosis & energy healing techniques that gently guide you through your journey of transformation. Our hypnosis is heart-centered and a transpersonal experience of healing and self-discovery. We are here to help transform your body, mind, and soul. Come to us today to get started on your journey towards a holistic life.

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