Nice to meet you!

The uncertain energies right now make it difficult for even the most stable person to feel grounded, or dare I say, ‘happy’. It’s normal to feel lost, discombobulated or even downright depressed as we move through these crazy shifting times – but you don’t have to stay stuck feeling this way!

Hi, I’m Cathie Cain, and I’m an Intuitive Holistic Hypnotherapist and Director at Key Point Holistic Health. I use the safe & natural art of hypnosis, along with energy healing techniques, to help my clients tap into their own innate ability to heal and free themselves from the key points within their own subconscious mind that keep them feeling ‘stuck’.

I have designed holistic hypnotherapy programs that reach beyond the subconscious into the super-conscious mind – or the Quantum Field – that make it easier to release the limiting false premises and narratives to find your true self and feel grounded in your life…

It’s a very gentle, non-invasive process – I like to use the metaphor that when you take your trash out to the curb, you don’t untie the bag and stick your face in it, you just take it out the curb, and the nice people take it away – it’s the same with the hypnotherapeutic process.

If you desire to improve the quality of your life using a safe, natural, effective process, contact me now at Key Point Holistic Health, because hypnosis isn’t about losing control – it’s about getting it back!!

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